TREE-SIT ALERTS – August 21, 2012

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10:30 AM – URGENT UPDATE: Police and fire department on-site! Supports asked to step back for “safety” reasons as they prepare to extract! URGENT SUPPORT NEEDED! PLEASE GO TO SITE. If you cannot go, call city council now and urge them to no put James’ and the other two protestors locked down lives at risk! PHONE: (928) 779-7600

8:35 AM – URGENT TREE-SIT ALERT: 2 people lock down to equipment to ensure tree-sitters safety. NEED WITNESSES AND PEOPLE PRESENCE THERE NOW!!!! Please come if you can! Spread the word! For out of towners, we need you too! Come to Flag ready for action!

7:30 AM – URGENT TREE-SIT ALERT: Equipment company readying to untie tree-sit lifeline anchor, cops on their way.


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