Tree-sit Halts Snowbowl Pipeline Construction, Rally & March from City Hall to be Held Tuesday, Aug. 21

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Video Interview with James Kennedy:


Monday, August 20, 2012

Contact: Ariana Sauer (602) 388-3726
Xander Vautrin@ (847) 334-7212

Tree-sit Halts Snowbowl Pipeline Construction

Rally & March from City Hall to be Held Tomorrow

WHAT: Rally & March from City Hall to Tree-sit to address environmental & public health threats
WHEN & WHERE: Meet at City Hall at 5:00 PM on Tuesday, August 21, 2012, and then walk to Thorpe Park to rally, drum, sing, and express support for the tree-sitter defending public health and the Peaks at 6:30 PM.
WHO: Concerned community members, tree-sitter James Kennedy & ground support crew.

FLAGSTAFF, AZ — On the morning of Monday August 20th, 2012 a tree-sit was established to protect our community and our children from the City of Flagstaff’s sanctioning and use of hazardous treated sewage, which contains antibiotic resistant genes, in our public spaces. The ropes securing the tree-sit stretch across the projected path of the City of Flagstaff’s and Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort’s treated sewage effluent pipeline, currently under construction on Mars Hill near Thorpe Park.

NAU student and Flagstaff community member James Kennedy climbed into a large ponderosa pine tree early in the morning securing himself to pipeline trench digging equipment with a “lifeline” that, if moved, would threaten his life.

“Today was nothing short of amazing, I think we have sent a clear message on the urgency of protecting our communities and environment,” stated James. “I am not sure how a city that sells millions of gallons of water to corporate interests will respond, but with so much recent research indicating the dangers of contact with wastewater, i am optimistic. I will be here until I see tangible results to the listed demands, however long it takes until this rigging is unsafe to use.” James said.

According to the Arizona Daily Sun Lt. Lance Roberts, of Flagstaff Police Department stated, “We’re not going to go up there and get him at this time… We’re just going to let them do their thing and hopefully it won’t rain today.”

At approximately 3:00 PM five Fire Department officials arrived on the site. They carelessly ignored ground supporters who cautioned them not to touch a “lifeline” that connects the tree-sitter to a large machine used for digging pipeline trench.

Tree-sitter and ground crew need the continuous presence of supporters throughout the day and night to bare witness and ensure the safety of this peaceful act of resistance. People are welcome all day, please visit for directions and for more ways to support.

We invite those of you who believe in the safety and health of our children, the sanctity of our environment, and the protection of public water to demand that:

– The City of Flagstaff rescind the wastewater contract with Snowbowl!
– An immediate moratorium on the City of Flagstaff’s use of treated sewage effluent in public spaces where any person may come in contact with reclaimed wastewater, until new research and technology is available to mitigate long-term environmental & community health risks.
-The use of public water in this desert climate of Flagstaff with only a projected 25-38 years of water left for people’s consumption, should be cleaned and used for people to drink, not for a private corporation to make a profit.
-President Obama fulfill campaign promises to protect human rights and sacred sites.

City of Flagstaff Mayor & Council:
PHONE: (928) 779-7600


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