STOP SNOWBOWL: PROTEST R.S.C.! – Thursday, June 28th ~ 7a.m. ’til Dusk

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Take Action! Replant, Remain, Resist!


Join us to mourn the continual violation of our human rights, the degradation of our community’s health, and the old growth forest, whose regeneration we’ll never witness.
~ Please wear black ~

Thursday, June 28th ~ 7a.m. ’til Dusk
In front of R.S.C. Rental
2678 E Huntington Drive (East Flagstaff across from Sprawl-Mart)

Tens of thousands of trees including old growth and endangered species habitat were massacred last summer for the sake of an expanded ski season and commercial logging — solely for the gain of profit.
RSC Rental, a branch of the company Stronger United, executed the murder under the direction of Arizona Snowbowl.

Snowbowl is planning to make artificial snow this winter by flooding the mountain
with reclaimed waste water, proven to contain endocrine disruptors,

industrial metals, pharmaceuticals, and gene resisting bacteria.
The mountain is also held sacred by more than 13 Indigenous Nations.
By allowing development on the San Francisco Peaks, the city of Flagstaff is participating in cultural genocide and is violating people’s religious freedom.


Click this link:

Contact these companies & demand that they immediately halt all construction on the San Francisco Peaks & withdraw their contracts with Snowbowl:

Towsley Welding & Construction
1 (800) 552-5177 (office)
(909) 866-0600 (shop)
Fax: (909) 585.7902
High Desert Investment Company
(928) 774-9111
Fax: (928) 774-9113
RSC (Parent Company is Stronger United) 
(928) 526.2823
Fax: (928) 526-6815

More info & ways to take action here:

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