Speak out against the Arizona Snowbowl pipeline! What are YOUR concerns?

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Protect The Peaks volunteers are gathering testimonies to compile into a petition against the implementation of the reclaimed wastewater pipeline to make artificial snow this winter. We are gathering a wide variety of testimonies about the negative impacts of the pipeline on affected communities and the environment to address the issue more completely.

So, as a survey, what are your concerns about the pipeline? Each unique voice can provide insight into the complications and hazards of it and the creation of artificial snow, and our voices together cannot be ignored. Concerns others have expressed include:

– Severe alterations to sensitive, rare alpine forest due to clearcuts and reclaimed wastewater exposure
– Run-off wastewater from the mountain seeping into the aquifer
– Wildlife fleeing into surrounding neighborhoods due to construction encroaching on their territory and ultimately displacing them from their habitat
– Increased, disruptive traffic on Highway 180

Respond to this email at with any of your concerns not mentioned.  Protect the Peaks will present these concerns to Tom Vilsack (head of USDA), City Council members, and media with hope that the urgency of our struggle will demand their attention and immediate action.

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