Dew Downtown? Boycott this Unsustainable Event!

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Dew Downtown

Dew Downtown

On February 8 and 9, 2014 the Dew Downtown Flagstaff Urban Ski and Snowboard Festival, an unsustainable and irresponsible use of Flagstaff’s precious drinking water, will be forced upon downtown Flagstaff.
Sat. Feb, 8 & Sun. 9, 2014

Why Boycott?

300,000 gallons+ of drinking water for fake snow is unsustainable!

It is unseasonably warm & Flagstaff is anticipating a drought!

Arizona Snowbowl, a major sponsor, threatens public & environmental health, and violates human rights of Indigenous Peoples by desecrating the San Francisco Peaks with treated sewage snowmaking! (,

At Dew Downtown in 2013, two native children were attacked by a drunk racist Snowbowl supporter. The City of Flagstaff ignored this hate crime!

Flagstaff has so much more to offer than unsustainable & disrespectful recreation!


Dew Downtown - PRINT

Dew Downtown Flagstaff

Dew Downtown Flagstaff

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