ACTION ALERT: No Arizona Toiletbowl! Protest Arizona Snowbowl Opening Day – Nov. 29, 2013

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Arizona Snowbowl

Arizona Snowbowl

What: Protest Arizona Snowbowl’s opening day.

Why: The mountain, water, and all life forms are precious. We will keeping standing for human rights and environmental justice until they STOP making snow with treated sewage effluent.
Come stand together against Snowbowel’s dirty snow!

When: Opening Day, starting at 9am Nov. 29th (unless opening changes)

Where: TWO LOCATIONS – At Flagstaff City Hall Lawn (corner of Rt 66 and N. Humprhey’s St.), at the corner of Hwy 180 and Snowbowl Rd.

Bring banners and cookies, and hot cocoa! Cookies and cocoa optional 🙂

Arizona Snowbowl is readying to open it’s ski slopes this coming Friday, Nov. 29. This will be the second year Snowbowl employs guns to spray reclaimed wastewater snow onto ski runs, a practice which; is illegal according to State Law (R18-9-704), is dangerous to human health, will negatively affect alpine flora and fauna, and is an affront to many Indigenous Peoples who hold the mountain sacred.

Water, be it potable or reclaimed, is precious in this desert region and should not be wasted for a water intensive recreational sport, especially when considering that the Colorado River is reputed as the “most endangered waterway”, the lifeline for millions of residents in the Southwest region. We can work to stop climate change, but it is foolish to attempt to override it through the creation of artificial snow.

Currently, Flagstaff taxpayers are subsidizing Snowbowl’s reclaimed wastewater use for dirty snow. The cost to produce reclaimed wastewater is ($1.94/1,000gal), yet it is sold to Snowbowl for a meager ($ .96/1,000gal), potable water users make up the dollar difference. City officials acknowledge that reclaimed wastewater may contain antibiotic resistant bacteria and pharmaceuticals, but have no timeline for testing and mitigating these issues. It is illegal to ingest reclaimed wastewater through the eyes, mouth, ears or skin due to its fecal coliform and chemical content. In spite of this, state agencies are turning a blind eye to these facts when considering matters with Snowbowl and are therefore putting thousands of skiers and families at risk.

Over thirteen Indigenous Nations have expressed overwhelming opposition to the use of reclaimed wastewater on the San Fransisco Peaks, citing the damage it will do to medicinal plants, animals, culture, and the sanctity of this sacred site.  The Forest Service, City of Flagstaff, and Arizona Department of Environmental Quality have all colluded to push snowmaking through and to ignore any voice against such action. And still the disgusting reality of Snowbowl’s actions are washed away by media outlets, eager to rake in revenues from Snowbowl advertisements.

That’s why we will keep raising our voices. Join us to oppose human rights abuses, the desecration of sacred sites, environmental degradation, and the flagrant abuse of our water resources.

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